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I am a Teacher, a telemark skier, a longboarder and also an electronic musician. 6 years of Fl Studio experience and years in other programs too. If you want lessons on how to use Fl studio or interested in doing a project send a message.

Trevor Dericks @Being-Glass

31, Male

Elementary Teacher

Champlain College

Vermont USA

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First I must say I have no idea if anyone actually reads these posts but if you do leave a message even if you have nothin to say at all just to help me know how many people look at these posts.


So for music production I have finished building my home studio. I have been working on it all year and the only thing I didn't do was foam the walls (Hoping my bed does the trick). Been custom building a DJ rack for my gear as well as other stuff like sliding desk drawer for some controllers.

Gear in Studio:

Wares: Kenwood Amp, Ohm E speakers, Panasonic sub and surround speakers, optimus and advent speakers, 2x Akai Dynamic Mic, Tascam Condenser mic, Dean Edge Bass guitar

mixers: Sony Vaio, Mac G4, Lexicon Omega, Alesis MultiMix 12 firewire, Yamaha MC1202

Synths: Korg Z1, Alesis Micron, Emu orbit 9090, Korg Electribe EA-1

FX: Alesis Deq230, Korg Kaoss pad 1 & 3, Behringer Virtualizer pro


Musically I haven't posted much on Newgrounds lately but that is for good reason. I have been taking a college course in sound design learning Logic 9. I have been working with the teacher of the course to help design classes and explain the virtual side of things when it comes to electronic music. I have been helping to set up the Colleges music studio as well as teaching classes out of my own studio. I have also learned how to use reason and absolutely love the new enhancements of FL10.

I have been working on Collaborating with local artists in the area as well. I have also been working on getting internships at a sound studio, A Foley sound producer, and with sound toys. I am also very busy with doing 2 complete videogame soundtracks for the college senior videogame productions. Ill post some tracks from that soon.


I am also now an Audio Moderator for Newgrounds. I have been enjoying listening to all the music being submitted by the Newgrounds community. Ill be happy to listen to your work and leave good critique just drop a link!


Other news:

Snows finally melting away, meaning ski season is coming to an end and the roads are becoming dry and clean enough to get out and longboard. Along with that I have plans to do plenty of other outdoorsy things, as well as indoorsy too.


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