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Whats' New with Trevor Dericks?

2011-04-16 00:20:21 by Being-Glass


First I must say I have no idea if anyone actually reads these posts but if you do leave a message even if you have nothin to say at all just to help me know how many people look at these posts.


So for music production I have finished building my home studio. I have been working on it all year and the only thing I didn't do was foam the walls (Hoping my bed does the trick). Been custom building a DJ rack for my gear as well as other stuff like sliding desk drawer for some controllers.

Gear in Studio:

Wares: Kenwood Amp, Ohm E speakers, Panasonic sub and surround speakers, optimus and advent speakers, 2x Akai Dynamic Mic, Tascam Condenser mic, Dean Edge Bass guitar

mixers: Sony Vaio, Mac G4, Lexicon Omega, Alesis MultiMix 12 firewire, Yamaha MC1202

Synths: Korg Z1, Alesis Micron, Emu orbit 9090, Korg Electribe EA-1

FX: Alesis Deq230, Korg Kaoss pad 1 & 3, Behringer Virtualizer pro


Musically I haven't posted much on Newgrounds lately but that is for good reason. I have been taking a college course in sound design learning Logic 9. I have been working with the teacher of the course to help design classes and explain the virtual side of things when it comes to electronic music. I have been helping to set up the Colleges music studio as well as teaching classes out of my own studio. I have also learned how to use reason and absolutely love the new enhancements of FL10.

I have been working on Collaborating with local artists in the area as well. I have also been working on getting internships at a sound studio, A Foley sound producer, and with sound toys. I am also very busy with doing 2 complete videogame soundtracks for the college senior videogame productions. Ill post some tracks from that soon.


I am also now an Audio Moderator for Newgrounds. I have been enjoying listening to all the music being submitted by the Newgrounds community. Ill be happy to listen to your work and leave good critique just drop a link!


Other news:

Snows finally melting away, meaning ski season is coming to an end and the roads are becoming dry and clean enough to get out and longboard. Along with that I have plans to do plenty of other outdoorsy things, as well as indoorsy too.


Whats' New with Trevor Dericks?

Survive the Future

2010-05-27 13:44:36 by Being-Glass

New Tracks Released
New Studio Design
New Plans for the Future

Now all you need to do is...


Last month was a big month for a step in my music career. I released 2 complete PC video game soundtracks. I released music for 2 cell phone games. and I graduated from college in the education field.

This summer I am working with a college professor to create an online electronic music education program.

Furthermore I plan to revise a bunch of my older most popular tracks to meet my musical standards.

Some of the tracks included are from my old artist name Psy-nigma on newgrounds:
Shattered Flakes
Geno's Underwood
Fluttering Chimera
Rustic Runes

There are also about a dozen projects in progress that have never been shared with the public that will start seeing their appearances over the next few months. Also expect to see more collab work.

Thanks for your reading and support!
Trevor Dericks

p.s. if you want to chat, hit me up on aim or skype or send an email to

p.s.s. I also teach FL Studio, and have been for the past 3 years. All my tracks are constructed in FL and I will be happy to share any techniques or tricks to use the program most effectively.

6th on newgrounds "Best tracks Ever"

2010-03-01 22:18:16 by Being-Glass

Wow it was a true surprise for me this week to see my song "City in flight in neon light" sitting in 6th on the best tracks ever board. Thank you everyone for your support and listening!

Whats New:
Running Through Me: has been updated to a near final product

posted more tracks that have been under the wraps:

unfinished: "Case of Draw" and code named track "Blue Turnups"

Finished: World breaks apart and Passing on ( both summer tracks that I don't plan to go back to anytime soon)

Whats under the table:
Currently have been working with 3 video game development teams composing the Official soundtracks to all levels and menus in the game. These songs will be posted on new grounds after game releases under my other newgrounds alias " Psy-nigma "

I also have a few other full length tracks being developed that I am not ready to post. if you want to listen send me a pm.

Other news:
Learning Guitar
Learning Ableton
Will be teaching Guitar and fl studio in a few weeks again
8 weeks until I graduate from college
Won a couple ski competitions

*** Looking for collabs for 2010 album project of mine ***
*****Also willing to help with critique on projects *****
** I also Teach FL Studio if you have questions or need help **

contact Info:
Aim = tpdewc
email =
name = Trevor dericks
Facebook is used
skype and other messengers I also use

Whats new? with Being Glass

2010-01-19 22:11:04 by Being-Glass

Well currently I have been working vigorously on a new project currently under the name "Case of Draw" if you are interested in hearing version 3 of the track in its development send me a message or email:

I am also still working on the final overhaul of "Running Through Me" with verse restructering and a whole string verse.

And also in the same case I decided now that my studio is now rebuilt quite well on my new laptop I will be attempting on remastering and finishing a handful of my older tracks that I feel would be releasable if worked on.

I would like some user feedback if you are a listener if you prefer listening to unfinished projects or not on newgrounds. I have a lot of cool loops and unfinished products i would be happy to share but at the same time I don't want them to recreate my image to not looking as professional with my work.

This month I will start collabing with Logical Defiance on a couple of tracks for promotional use to get his record label and his image on the way in the music scene.

Let me know if you want lessons and tips on how to use fl studio. I teach it on and off in the city I live in.

Let me know if you are interested in a collab. this year I plan to release a remix and collab compilation album.

I am also in the process of learning how to use ableton and reason fluently. this is going slow but I now have finished personalizing both programs to work with all my studio equipment and processing.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Hello There,

My Name is Trevor Dericks the person behind the Artist Psy-nigma.

After 2 years of perfecting my style and sound I decided my 6 year old artist title of Psy-nigma seemed out dated and unfit for me.

Now my new artist name is " Being Glass ". The idea dives into trying to describe me and the sound style of the music I have been producing. Glass represents cool, smooth textures with sharp clear sounds. Being represents that glass is not an object but a mood or feeling that can be expressed.

It took me over a year to be able to define myself into a new artist title. and during this time I have been writing a lot of music that hasn't been shared with the public yet.

I plan to share my music here for promotion and critique of my work and efforts so that when I do go for finally releasing an album my music will be the best it can be.

Psy-nigma is not a dead name it will still be an active artist title. But the direction of sound under that title will be for commisioned work and videogames. Music that is side projects to "Being Glass" and also for my older music to still be recognized as.

Thank you for your help and your time!

my email is
my aim = tpdewc
pm me if you have another messenger you use i have them all

contact me if you are interested in collabs or remixes. I have been working with artists for years and all over the world and would be glad to meet new talented artists.